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Obsolete Industrial

For those of us in an industrial atmosphere every day, the word obsolescence is a fact of life. Obsolete industrial motors, obsolete sensors, obsolete computers, obsolete pumps; it seems the list goes on forever.

obsolete industrial partsThis is where Obsolete Industrial comes in... The factory floor is typically the place where smooth operation goes hand-in-hand with healthy profit.

Therefore, downtime that is experienced for any reason whatsoever costs money from the moment it occurs until the moment production resumes.

The loss of profit adds up fast in any industrial or manufacturing environment, regardless of the product being produced on the shop floor. It is a simple equation: uptime equals money and obsolete industrial may be able to help the cause.

Obsolete Industrial, abbreviated OI, is a technology-based company mainly providing technicial information and advice regarding obsolete parts and components used in an industrial setting.

Maintenance Forums...

Production machinery of any kind performs best when it is mechanically and electrically functioning properly. This is obvious to the personnel on the floor, but any degradation of mechanics or electrics that results in reduced production will be obvious to the bookkeepers and accountants as soon as expected earnings begin to show signs of reduction.

Here comes the maintenance department, consisting of mechanics, electricians, technicians, and engineers to sort out the problem and return the equipment to full production. Unfortunately, not every troubleshooting or repair situation is easy. This is where our maintenance forums become useful.

The word obsolete comes to mind. Obsolete parts are a way of life on the shop floor. Industrial technology evolves constantly. There has been more changes on the shop floor in the last thirty years than in the previous one hundred years. Industrial computing is responsible for most of these changes.

As electronic components have gotten smaller, more technologically advanced devices have been introduced to the production floor. This rapid change invokes obsolescence. Someone get maintenance to figure out the current problem.

Obsolete components and industrial parts are a way of life for maintenance and engineering personnel and the ability to embrace obsolescence while minimizing downtime is what makes for elite maintenance.

The internet has evolved as well. The ability to track down obsolete parts has been greatly increased thanks to this trend, overall, the world has become a smaller place. Obsolete Industrial was created primarily on the demand for obsolete parts. We offer a few different options for those in need of an elusive part or component.

For maintenance troubleshooting questions and advice, visit our Maintenance Roundtable forum and become a member.

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Industrial Classifieds and Directory

We also offer free industrial classified ads complete with a category designed for want ads. Obsolete parts are sometimes the only answer when you're in a hurry. We strongly encourage those with parts for sale to list them; creating an ad creation takes only a few minutes and is free of charge.

industrial buildingThose requiring an odd part or obsolete industrial component can place a want ad just as easily, again, with no charge or fee. The OI ad system is at your disposal. Place want ads here, list your individual parts here, or post a listing for your company here.

Our industrial directory designed for manufacturers and suppliers of parts to list their business for free.

It is the typical directory format and submission is free and quite simple. The advantage to a descriptive listing in our industrial directory is that your company will automatically register in our search results when a user searches for a specific part or product.

This sector of the website is reviewed by human beings with a background in industrial maintnenance. A business listing is a privelige. There is no charge for this service, however only suitable businesses and insutrial suppliers will be approved.

About Us at OI

We are a technology based organization. All parts and information contained on the site have been contributed by a community of industrial maintenance technicians, engineers, and tech savvy consumers. We do not warehouse parts and components, instead we provide a means for perspective buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.

We encourage you to use the industrial support forum. Whether you decide to contribute knowledge based on your experience, or ask for technical assistance from experts in the field. Registration to our roundtable forum is always free.

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