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Indradrive Fault and Alarm List

Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:04:AM »
Does someone have a general Indradrive fault and alarm list? I have a servo motor system that has pumped out a few different alarms in the past few weeks which has me a bit confused, since the faults seem to alternate. The machine is still up and running but it looks like it going to give up on me soon.

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Re: Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 04:06:AM »
How about your Indramat manual? You should have a chapter on troubleshooting with a detailed list of fault codes.
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Re: Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2016, 04:35:AM »
I was just looking for a list of fault codes. I have to track down the manual. I believe I got a hard copy when we did the installation but I'm not positive.

Re: Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2016, 03:48:PM »
Rexroth Indradrive Fatal Errors (Fault Codes)

Here is a simple list of fatal errors that I have from one of the older Rexroth Indramat drives. These are the fatal errors, the way I always understood it, F means "failure" or "fatal" when it comes to the Rexroth Fault Codes. I broke the list into sections per thousands (ie F2000's, F3000's, F4000's, etc) and I broke this list into two posts since it might be too big to put into one.

The F2000's:

  • F2003 Motion step skipped
  • F2004 Error in motion profile
  • F2005 Cam shaft invalid
  • F2006 MMC was removed
  • F2007 Switching to non-initialized operating mode
  • F2008 RL The motor type has changed
  • F2009 PL Load parameter default values
  • F2010 Error when initializing digital I/O
  • F2011 PLC-Error nr. 1
  • F2012 PLC-Error nr. 2
  • F2013 PLC - Error nr. 3
  • F2014 PLC - Error nr. 4
  • F2018 Device overtemperature shutdown
  • F2019 Motor overtemperature shutdown
  • F2021 Motor temperature monitor defective
  • F2022 Device temperature monitor defective
  • F2025 Drive not ready for Control
  • F2026 Undervoltage in power section
  • F2027 Excessive oscillation in DC bus
  • F2028 Excessive deviation
  • F2031 Encoder 1 error: signal amplitude incorrect
  • F2032 Validation error during commutation fine adjust   
  • F2033 External power supply X10 error
  • F2036 Excessive position feedback difference
  • F2037 Excessive position command difference
  • F2039 Maximum acceleration exceeded
  • F2040 Device overtemperature 2 shutdown
  • F2042 Encoder 2: encoder signals incorrect   
  • F2043 Measuring encoder: encoder signals incorrect
  • F2044 External power supply X15 error
  • F2048 Low battery voltage
  • F2050 Overflow of target position preset memory
  • F2051 No sequential block in target position preset memory
  • F2053 Incr. encoder emulator: pulse frequency too high
  • F2054 Incr. encoder emulator: hardware fault
  • F2055 External power supply X31/X32 error
  • F2057 Target position out of travel range
  • F2058 Internal overflow by positioning input
  • F2059 Incorrect command value direction when positioning
  • F2063 Internal overflow master axis generator
  • F2064 Incorrect cmd value direction master axis generator
  • F2067 Synchronization to master communication incorrect
  • F2069 Error when releasing the motor holding brake
  • F2074 Actual pos. value 1 outside absolute encoder window
  • F2075 Actual pos. value 2 outside absolute encoder window
  • F2076 Actual pos. value 3 outside absolute encoder window
  • F2077 Current measurement trim wrong
  • F2086 Error supply module
  • F2087 Module group communication error
  • F2100 Incorrect access to command value memory
  • F2101 It was impossible to address MMC
  • F2102 It was impossible to address I2C memory
  • F2103 It was impossible to address EnDat memory
  • F2104 Commutation offset invalid
  • F2105 It was impossible to address Hiperface memory
  • F2110 Error in non-cyclical data communic. of power section
  • F2120 MMC: defective or missing, replace
  • F2121 MMC: incorrect data or file, create correctly
  • F2122 MMC: incorrect IBF file, correct it
  • F2123 Retain data backup impossible
  • F2124 MMC: saving too slowly, replace
  • F2130 Error comfort control panel
  • F2140 CCD slave error
  • F2150 MLD motion function block error
  • F2174 Loss of motor encoder reference
  • F2175 Loss of optional encoder reference
  • F2176 Loss of measuring encoder reference
  • F2177 Modulo limitation error of motor encoder
  • F2178 Modulo limitation error of optional encoder
  • F2179 Modulo limitation error of measuring encoder
  • F2190 Incorrect Ethernet configuration
  • F2260 Command current limit shutoff
  • F2270 Analog input 1 or 2, wire break
  • F2802 PLL is not synchronized
  • F2814 Undervoltage in mains
  • F2815 Overvoltage in mains
  • F2816 Softstart fault power supply unit
  • F2817 Overvoltage in power section
  • F2818 Phase failure
  • F2819 Mains failure
  • F2820 Braking resistor overload
  • F2821 Error in control of braking resistor
  • F2825 Switch-on threshold braking resistor too low
  • F2833 Ground fault in motor line
  • F2834 Contactor control error
  • F2835 Mains contactor wiring error   
  • F2836 DC bus balancing monitor error
  • F2837 Contactor monitoring error
  • F2840 Error supply shutdown
  • F2860 Overcurrent in mains-side power section
  • F2890 Invalid device code
  • F2891 Incorrect interrupt timing
  • F2892 Hardware variant not supported

The F3000's:

  • F3111 Refer, missing when selecting safety related end pos
  • F3112 Safety related reference missing
  • F3115 Error, brake check time interval exceeded
  • F3117 Actual position values validation error
  • F3122 Safety related holding system: system error
  • F3123 Safety related holding system: brake check missing
  • F3130 Error when checking input signals
  • F3131 Error when checking acknowledgment signal
  • F3132 Error when checking diagnostic output signal
  • F3133 Error when checking interrupting circuits
  • F3134 Dynamization time interval incorrect
  • F3135 Dynamization pulse width incorrect
  • F3140 Safety parameters validation error
  • F3141 Selection validation error
  • F3142 Activation time of enabling control exceeded
  • F3143 Safety command for clearing errors incorrect
  • F3144 Incorrect safety configuration
  • F3145 Error when unlocking the safety door
  • F3146 System error channel 2
  • F3147 System error channel 1
  • F3150 Safety command for system start incorrect
  • F3151 Safety command for system halt incorrect
  • F3152 Incorrect backup of safety technology data
  • F3160 Safety bus communication error

The F4000's:

  • F4001 Sync telegram failure
  • F4002 RTD telegram failure
  • F4003 Invalid communication phase shutdown
  • F4004 Error during phase progression
  • F4005 Error during phase regression
  • F4006 Phase switching without ready signal
  • F4009 Bus failure
  • F4012 Incorrect I/O length
  • F4016 PLC double real-time channel failure
  • F4017 S-lll: incorrect sequence during phase switch
  • F4034 Emergency-Stop
  • F4140 CCD communication error

The F6000's:

  • F6010 PLC Runtime Error
  • F6024 Maximum braking time exceeded
  • F6028 Position limit value exceeded (overflow)
  • F6029 Positive travel limit exceeded
  • F6030 Negative travel limit exceeded   
  • F6034 Emergency-Stop
  • F6042 Both travel range limit switches activated
  • F6043 Positive travel range limit switch activated
  • F6044 Negative travel range limit switch activated
  • F6140 CCD slave error (emergency halt)

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Re: Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2016, 03:49:PM »
Here's the F7000's, F8000's, and F9000's:

The F7000's:

  • F7010 Safety related limited increment exceeded
  • F7011 Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in pos. dir
  • F7012 Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in neg. dir
  • F7013 Velocity threshold exceeded
  • F7014 Acceleration threshold exceeded
  • F7020 Safety related maximum speed exceeded
  • F7021 Safety related end position exceeded
  • F7030 Pos. window for safety rel. operational stop exceeded
  • F7031 Incorrect direction of motion
  • F7040 Validation error parameterized - effective threshold
  • F7041 Actual position value validation error
  • F7042 Validation error of safety related operating mode
  • F7043 Error of output stage interlock
  • F7050 Time for stopping process exceeded
  • F7051 Safety related deceleration exceeded

The F8000's:

  • F8000 Fatal hardware error
  • F8010 Autom. commutation: max. motion range when moving back
  • F8011 Commutation offset could not be determined
  • F8012 Autom. commutation: max. motion range
  • F8013 Automatic commutation: current too low
  • F8014 Automatic commutation: overcurrent
  • F8015 Automatic commutation: timeout
  • F8016 Automatic commutation: iteration without result
  • F8017 Automatic commutation: incorrect commutation adjust
  • F8022 Enc. 1: enc. signals incorr. (can be cleared in ph. 2)
  • F8023 Error mechanical link of encoder or motor connection
  • F8025 Overvoltage in power section
  • F8027 Safety related standstill while drive enabled
  • F8028 Overcurrent in power section
  • F8042 Encoder 2 error: signal amplitude incorrect
  • F8057 Device overload shutdown
  • F8060 Overcurrent in power section
  • F8064 Interruption of motor phase
  • F8067 Synchronization PWM-Timer wrong
  • F8069 +/-15Volt DC error
  • F8070 +24Volt DC error
  • F8076 Error in error angle loop
  • F8078 Speed loop error
  • F8079 Velocity limit value exceeded
  • F8091 Power section defective
  • F8100 Error when initializing the parameter handling
  • F8102 Error when initializing power section
  • F8118 Invalid power section/firmware combination
  • F8120 Invalid control section/firmware combination
  • F8122 Control section defective
  • F8129 Incorrect optional module firmware
  • F8130 Firmware of option 2 of safety technology defective
  • F8133 Error when checking interrupting circuits
  • F8134 Safety related holding system: fatal error
  • F8135 Velocity exceeded with trend monitoring
  • F8140 Fatal CCD error
  • F8201 Safety command for basic initialization incorrect
  • F8203 Safety technology configuration parameter invalid
  • F8813 Connection error mains choke
  • F8838 Overcurrent external braking resistor

The F9000's:

  • F9001 Error internal function call
  • F9002 Error internal RTOS function call
  • F9003 Watchdog
  • F9004 Hardware trap

Good Luck!!


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Re: Indradrive Fault and Alarm List
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2016, 04:08:PM »
Wow, that's a big list! Does that mean there's a lot that can go wrong with an Indradrive? ;)
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