New or Used?

Encounter a defunct industrial part recently? The internet may just be your answer. Used parts are listed on sites like eBay and Amazon as well as a few other websites. A bit of research from your PC or smartphone can reveal options for reducing your down-time. Are you or aren;y you open to used parts?

Used Parts

Most of us think of ebay when we envision completing our collection of baseball cards, finding a rare coin, or maybe that long lost cd from your favorite band, but the fact is that eBay provides professionals with access to used parts located throughout the country and around the world. Ever-changing mechanical and electronic technology can phase out or virtually eliminate industrial parts from the manufacturer's catalogs annually.

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Search for obsolete parts
Sellers have been using this to their advantage by harvesting and listing obsolete parts on eBay for years. This is a win-win situation for buyers and sellers alike. Their signature feedback system makes buying these obsolete parts a gamble worth taking in many cases. This is especially true if you have your back against the wall with machine downtime and a low budget.

In my opinion, this is North America's greatest forum for used and obsolete parts for many reasons. The ease of use, its world renowned branding, its feedback system, and the fact that users can open an account within minutes to either buy or sell any type of industrial part. It gives the industrial community a viable option in regard to repairing obsolete equipment without breaking the bank.

Styles and Brands

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We also offer free industrial classified ad system complete with a category designed for want ads. We strongly encourage those with individual parts for sale, specifically new or vintage industrial components, to list them at OI. Ad creation takes only a few minutes and is free of charge.

Those requiring an odd part or obsolete industrial component can place a want ad just as easily, again, with no charge or fee. The OI ad system is at your disposal. Place want ads here, list your individual parts here, or post a listing for your company here.

About Us

We are a technology based organization. All information regarding vintage used parts has been contributed by a community of industrialists. We do not warehouse parts and components, but provide a means for perspective buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.

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